**Updated 5/26/2024**                  

     Since the emergence of prepaid carriers, WirelessTree has strived to offer an unparalleled selection of accessories at low cost to our beloved wireless dealers. Through the years, we've been blessed with all the customer appreciation and criticism to allow us to cope with business changes and adapt.                

     With the rise in overseas factories targeting US consumers, our industry has been deeply impacted, to say the least. At WirelessTree, we have been constantly working to source products through local and overseas vendors with the mindset to pass the savings onto our clients.                

     When you support WirelessTree, you're not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping our suppliers, employees, and associates put food on their family table, afford their kids sports lessons, and much more.                

     To continue offering just that and more, our company is now officially launching Treefty.com, your Wholesale Bargains provider. Our mission is to offer great deals on wholesale closeouts and overstock items to our loyal clients.                

     For the time being, our domain www.gowirelesstree.com is being redirected to www.treefty.com, so please bear with us with the transition. Keep in mind that all your information is safe and transferred over to the new site (no need for new login, since we are still a WirelessTree company). Thank you for all your support and we wish you a wonderful Memorial weekend from our family to yours.       

      David K    President I Treefty.com